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Jamie Newell - a Funny, Serious Actress
Actress Jamie Newell's Awards, References, and FAQs


  • Entertainer of the Year Finalist 2008 - Event Solutions Magazine
  • Humboldt Park Film Festival- Best Female Lead 2007
  • BMovieFest Syracuse – Best Female Lead Nominee 2007
  • American Entertainment Magazine Winner - Best Female Performer 2006
  • Most favorite Kotapish child
  • Best Mom in the Universe


" did a wonderful job!!!!
You are a true professional and I am glad I cast you!!!"

~ Marc Selz
Marc Selz Productions, LLC

"Thank you for handling yourself with such professionalism along with your special touches of comic relief. You were perfect to work with. I could not have asked for anyone better."
~ Christy L. Adams
International Account Executive
Extraordinary Events

"You did a spectacular job at the NACE conference.
I know it would not have been near the success without you and your wonderful humor."

~ John Daly
John Daly Inc. International

"Jamie is always a complete pleasure to work with."
~ Josh Karney
Sr. Account Representative
EVED Services

"It's always nice to have voice talent that consistently puts together quality work."
~ Jeff Atherholt
Production Director

"Your voice, your interpretation is immaculate.
My imagination is often un-chartable terrain but in this reading you have done what few ever could; you made an external product match my mental blueprint in exacting detail.
I am thoroughly impressed."

~ Stephen Barone
Darque Studios

Jamie was easy to book, and even easier to work with!"
~ Grace Kennings
Swift Media Group

"Jamie Newell is one of the funniest, most gifted, and most professional actresses I've ever worked with.
Her contribution toward our project was essential."

~ John White
1,000,001st Production Company

"Professional, reliable and hilarious.
Just thinking about her makes me giggle."

~ Douglas Love
Freelance Creator and Producer of live entertainment and Television
Disney, HBO, Walden Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Alright, maybe some of these (OK...most of these) aren't frequently asked but if you were thinking of asking any of the following, you don’t have to 'cause I've already answered them for you. And if you have a question that you don’t see listed, email it to me. Or make up a good answer and pretend that I said it (especially if it's funny!).

Have you always had that husky voice or is it due to an overuse of tobacco and alcohol?
Yes and yes. As a child, I was often confused as my dad when answering the phone especially when I had a smoke and a scotch in hand.

Will you travel for work?
Absolutely! "Have job will travel" is my motto. OK, it's not really my motto but it could be since I love to work and I love to travel.

Do you sing?
I love to sing. I sang in many musicals when I was younger and now I sing nightclub music... you know... mostly old standards.... what I call, the good music. I love musical theater and some day I will return to it.

You've been doing psychic readings in the corporate market for years. What's that about?
I knew you were going to ask me that. (Hold for laugh) OK, if you want to know more about it, click on this link for details.

Is it true that one day George Clooney will marry you?
All signs indicate that is the direction our relationship will eventually take. In the meantime, I plan to play hard to get for a little while longer and enjoy my fabulous career.

How come you seldom perform in theater these days?
I need to make a living and sadly many theater's budgets are so small (what's wrong with you world???) that I can't afford to give up performing in the corporate market, which has healthier budgets. I'm certainly not opposed to getting back on stage. Maybe after George starts supporting me.

If you are an AFTRA and SAG member how can you do non-union work?
I filed for Financial Core status with the unions. Equity dropped me (pretty much slammed the door in my face without even trying to coax me to stay! Humph). The other two unions granted me this status which allows me the right to not turn down work. I still pay a portion of my union dues which allows me to receive the benefits when working union jobs. Don’t get me wrong. I love the unions. I will never cross a picket line. The fact is I need the work. I don’t want to turn away smaller budgeted jobs since I have a family to feed. Besides, Chicago does not have tons of union work. Some day I hope that will change

Is it true that when you were a kid that your brother, Jimmy, was cast as Michael and your sister, Joanie, was cast as a dancing bear and you were not cast in any role in the neighborhood's gigantically cast production of Mary Poppins?
Shut up.

So, what's with your slogan, "A Funny Serious Actress with a whole lot of Character"? Nice catchphrase can you elaborate?
If I got a quarter for every time a stranger said to me "You look just like..." or "I have a neighbor who is your spitting image!' or "You remind me of my aunt." I'd be a millionaire. Here's my point: I look like someone that everyone feels they know... I'm a perfect character. And, I love performing characters. I love using voices. I do great cartoon voices, too. I've got a small sampling on both my character and narration demos. I've created some pretty over-the-top gals in the special events world, too. (Click on that link for a list... if nothing else, the names are pretty amusing). And the funny, serious part of my saying is obvious, don't you think? And, no, the whole lot is NOT referring to my size, thank you very much. Who asked that?

Who is funnier, you or your brother, Dick?
And your point?

When you realize your dreams, what will they include?
I will voice an on-going cartoon character; I will act in more films and commercials; I will perform a one-woman show; my children will grow up to be fabulous people who contribute greatly to society; and lastly, I will have a chance to work with you! So, why don't you call me for an audition or a booking? It's just a thought. (OK, it's a suggestion but a damn good one!)

Later gator.. and peace!

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