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Jamie Newell performs Energy Readings

Jamie Newell - a Funny, Serious Actress
Energy Readings by Actress Jamie Newell
All of us have had moments in our lives
when we have tuned into our intuition or wished we had.

"If I had only trusted my gut!"
"I knew something was wrong!"

"I've heard of ESP...but what is it?"

An acceptable theory is that all living creatures have the ability to tap into and connect to their extra-sensory perception (the inner voice...your personal psychic energy) yet most people lose touch with it as they grow and develop language. We are taught to use our minds and words. Because of that refocus, most adults find difficulty listening clearly to their own inner voice.

Jamie taps into your intuitional energy to help you make sense of some of the underlying intuitive issues in your psyche that may need some self-examination.

Jamie can be hired for special events and group parties. She does not do personal private readings. Please contact her through Custom Comedy Capers for availabilty and pricing.

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